Tomorrow we celebrate a very rare Jewish holiday, Purim Katan. Because this year is a Jewish leap year, we have an extra month. This month, Adar I or the hebrew, “Adar aleph.” Purim is a time that we celebrate and bless H-shem for our victory over our enemies and for the miracles he gives us of using our enemies to help spread Torah to the nations.

Because we get a whole extra month, this year, we celebrate Purim Katan this month and Purim next.  We make little triangle shaped pastries called chumentashen to commemorate the shape of Haman’s hat. We wear costumes and masks and read the Meghillah about one of Judaisms greatest heros, Esther.

Yes, many of the most righteous heroes in Jewish history were women! We were the original feminists.


Of course, according to the Noahide laws, all of the nations are welcome to join in the celebration honoring the one G-d. So, starting tomorrow evening, until sundown on thursday, wish everyone you know a good Purim Katan.