May 2008

Brad and Tucker have a few problems taking a portrait for Mother’s Day.

YouTube – Mother’s Day


Airshow in progress to celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary

Israel celebrates its 60th anniversary – Israel News, Ynetnews

More Israeli Independence day news:

IAF Takes to the Skies to Celebrate Israel’s 60th Nationwide

Russian President Medvedev congratulates Israel on Independence Day

Parachutist lands in Tel Aviv beach crowd during independence day bash; 3 seriously hurt

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I just wanted to post a couple of helpful corrections that were sent to me by the esteemed Dr. Isaac E. Mozeson. Dr. Mozeson is the brain behind the controversial linguistics theories that relate all human language to one mother tongue of which Hebrew is the closest decendent. His books and website – at – detail his ground breaking theories and have raised the ire of such notable scholars as Noam Chomsky, who vehemently disagree with Dr. Mozeson’s work.

For a couple of corrections to your weblog: 1) Going to a ritual bath is only a custom for some men. It is mostly reserved for post-menstrual women, and when a man or woman converts to Judaism with a Beth Din or Jewish court. 2) In Kashrut nobody blesses food. Not even Jews for Cheeses. Blessing things is a Catholic shtick. Insuring a food is kosher requires care as to ingredients, procedures, etc. The only blessing I do as p/t kosher supervisor at a pizza shop nearby, is taking out a pinch of dough, and making a blessing over it (in remembrance of a similar procedure from Temple times).

Many thanks to Dr. Mozeson for his comments on my blog, stay tuned for more information about Edenics and anything else that pisses me off enough to write about.


Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day or Yom HaShoah. Take the time to light a candle, read a bit of history at Holocaust Studies at – A complete resource or listen to one of the great podcasts at and remember those who lost their lives fighting the maniacal threat of complete genocide engineered by a liberal, fascist, racist mad man and his Nazi murder machine.

Do not ever forget the absolute inhumanity and cruelty of the Nazi death machine because when ignorant people accuse the righteous western powers such as Israel and the U.S.A. of being “fascist” or “Nazis” or when they compare the problems in the “palestinian” territories to the holocaust we must not just ignore them. We must shout with all of our heart and spirit to renounce their lies to remind them that the Jews did not have rockets and mortars to shoot at the Nazis as they were stripped naked, shoved into box cars and delivered to their execution chambers.

Israel sends food, fuel and power into the Gaza strip and offers to make even more concessions in exchange for peace while the “peaceful, oppressed”, citizens of Gaza attack Israel every single day with rockets, mortars, shooting, kidnapping, stabbing and suicide bombings.

Anyway, we’ll be lighting our Shabbas candles and greeting the Shabbas Queen soon. G-d willing, I will post again after Shabbat.

Shabbat shalom.