I just wanted to post a couple of helpful corrections that were sent to me by the esteemed Dr. Isaac E. Mozeson. Dr. Mozeson is the brain behind the controversial linguistics theories that relate all human language to one mother tongue of which Hebrew is the closest decendent. His books and website – at http://www.edenics.org/ – detail his ground breaking theories and have raised the ire of such notable scholars as Noam Chomsky, who vehemently disagree with Dr. Mozeson’s work.

For a couple of corrections to your weblog: 1) Going to a ritual bath is only a custom for some men. It is mostly reserved for post-menstrual women, and when a man or woman converts to Judaism with a Beth Din or Jewish court. 2) In Kashrut nobody blesses food. Not even Jews for Cheeses. Blessing things is a Catholic shtick. Insuring a food is kosher requires care as to ingredients, procedures, etc. The only blessing I do as p/t kosher supervisor at a pizza shop nearby, is taking out a pinch of dough, and making a blessing over it (in remembrance of a similar procedure from Temple times).

Many thanks to Dr. Mozeson for his comments on my blog, stay tuned for more information about Edenics and anything else that pisses me off enough to write about.