I don’t know exactly what the Democrats think they are trying to do, but this quote underscores the vital difference between the true, conservative patriotism and the cynical, thin veneer of apparent patriotism liberals spread on like stage make-up anytime they speak in public.  

Michelle Obama’s criteria for “love” of America is nothing short of greed.  It is the kind of love a prostitute feels for her pimp when he buys her a mink coat after selling her body to strangers and taking all the money she earned.  In fact, Ms. Obama didn’t even use the word “love.” As I recall, she said that, until her husband became a viable candidate for the Democratic nomination for President, she had never really been “proud” of America.

So, in her own words, her patriotism is contingent upon the rewards she receives.

On the other hand, we have John McCain who says that he didn’t love America until he was deprived of her company.

McCain: I ‘Didn’t Love America’ Until Held Prisoner (VIDEO) – Politics on The Huffington Post



The difference is like day and night.  For McCain to conjure up feelings of – in his own words – “love,” he only need remember an tragedy that he endured in another life-time and another world.  He could have been stuck in a job as a garbage man and he’d still have the same love for America, that he does now.  John McCain is not searching for accolades from the voters to validate his patriotism, he is just content that such a great country would consider him for any job.

He is even enough of a man to use the dreaded “L” word!

Maybe the real story here is just how radically far to the left one would have to be to compare John McCain’s statement to Michelle Obama’s.

It seems to me that any human being, with a heart, can understand how separation from our most beloved can amplify and punctuate our love in a way that a mink coat never will.