Our deepest sympathies and solemn gratitude goes out to the friends and family of Capt. Bruno de Solenni who was killed by an IED on saturday while deployed from the Oregon National Guard to help train Afghanistan soldiers.  This story was reported to our local news paper, Triplicate.com, by the father of Capt. de Solenni, local attorney Mario de Solenni.  Capt. Solenni’s service has come to the communities attention through letters he’s written home and had published in the local paper and a front page story published Sept. 6th.

As it is written: “One thing I ask from G-d; one thing do I seek – that I may stay in the divine presence all the days of my life, envision delight, and contemplate G-d’s presence.”

Thanks to G-d and the service of brave men and women, like Captain Bruno de Solenni, we have the privilege of spending one more day above ground, envisioning “delight,” and contemplating the presence of our Creator.  To truly honor their sacrifice we must each wake up and get to work ensuring that the job they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for gets done and done right.