December 2008

As cool as this technology looks, it is very scary too.  I don’t like the idea of government agencies, or anyone for that matter, with the ability to read my mind without my consent.

Scientists extract images directly from brain ::: Pink Tentacle


Hindu Zionists – the Dry Bones Blog

This is a bit on the “too little too late,” side of the coin, but Square Enix venerable MMO originally launched on the PS2 finally made some changes to make the notoriously difficult  game a lot easier.  Thank you Square Enix.

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For years, one of the biggest complaints was the fact that getting almost anything accomplished in this game was not only a huge time sink, but also required a very specific group of players with certain jobs all at or near the same level.

If you’ve played an MMO you can imagine how difficult these factors would make any kind of normal game progress.  In a game like World of Warcraft, a person can create a new character and level it up to the highest possible level in a month or two of casual gaming.  In Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), there are players who’ve been playing for years and still haven’t progressed any given job to the level cap. 

I guess it’s time to dust of the old Red Mage and give this game another look.

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Intel Hopes to Bring Free Energy to Mobile Devices PC World by PC World: Yahoo Tech

Maybe this technology will actually make it to market.

The hovering Multiple Kill Vehicle is simply a waking nightmare – Engadget

I’m definitely adding THIS to my wish list.


I was very disappointed to hear that Apple decided NOT to include a Firewire port on their new “all-in-one” Aluminum Mac Book.  Now users will have to spring for the Pro model if they committed the sin of investing in any Firewire peripherals over the years.  Considering that Firewire is an Apple developed technology this move is more than puzzling.  TUAW has the details:

FireWire feedback from readers and Apple – The Unofficial Apple Weblog TUAW