July 2009

The BlackRapid Double Strap Mini Review « Photofocus

This is a review by Scott Bourne of some remarkable camera gear which begs the question: what kinds of photographers really need this kind of gear? Which slaps me in the face with: am I that kind of photographer?

I can see the appeal of strapping on a two camera harness system giving me free reign over the entire wedding, concert, live performance, celebrity stalking event and eventually the entire galaxy. Though, I think it is safe to say that even Darth Vader would probably take it off for more structured studio or location work where he’d have more control over his projects.

The connector screws into the tripod mount on the bottom of the camera body, so the lens points behind you and the grip slips right into the palm of your hand.

They also make a single strap version called the R-strap that has even seen combat with the U.S. Army. I wonder how well this would carry a medium format rig.

I suppose the greatest appeal to me would be that obviously it would mean that I’d have more than one DSLR in my arsenal – but then, there are always camera rentals.

So the shortest answer is: The “Double Strap Mini” by BlackRapid is basically a rig for double fisted glass slingers who absolutely, positively must have two cameras available at all times!

Am I that kind of photographer? Not yet. >.>


Here are a couple of shots I took the night of the fireworks.  A heavy fog rolled in to eat up our sky that night which resulted in some pretty soggy fireworks, but we made the best of it. ^^