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“Investor,” seems to have become a dirty word. Anyone saddled with the moniker, “investor,” is usually attributed qualities like greed, narcissism and coldness.

Every once in a while, we get a glimpse through the fog of stereotypes and find a shining ray of light where we only expected darkness and despair. I came across this amazing story on a discussion group devoted to real estate investing called, Loves winding path.

Beware, after reading this story my brain was paralyzed. The only thought in my mind was, “wow!” I was completely consumed with a flood of light and love and I – a 37 year old, 5’11” bearded, tough-guy, father of four – began to cry. Not just the little tear that gets pulled during a touching movie or a joyful family moment, but uncontrollable sobs that wracked my body beginning deep in my soul culminated with my heart exploding showering my world with love shrapnel and gooey little bits of virtue and kindness.

As I tried to contextualize this amazing story within my own meager existence, my next thought was, “well that certainly beats my lousy box of chocolates.”

So, now I am on a quest to find some way to give more than a box of chocolates next year. H-shem (G-d) willing I will merit to touch the world in some small way similar to the way this tzadik – this righteous person with whom G-d has blessed the world – has. This is the life I aspire to, the life of that most misunderstood breed of man, the Investor.

I am providing the entire text of his inspiring story below for your enjoyment.

Posted by Hope for the future on February 13, 2008 at 22:10:56:

This is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me…

I just walked up to the door and knocked on the door of a lady whose house was in foreclosure…

We sat dow to talk and I asked her if I could help with the house (aka get the deed) she told me about how it all happened…

She said her and her husband had bought the house together 39 Years ago and that they were very very proud that they would be the first if BOTH their families to Own a home and after they had only been Married 12 years…

Their children went to the school that is at the end of the block she said with pride in her heart.. they both graduated and both went to College but only one graduated.

But then came the “shift” in the life Both Sons passed away in unrelated accidents 1.5 years apart she said “But they are watching over me” Always my Angels….

It took Henry with them He was here until last spring but only in Body… When his boys both were gone he just lost his soul to their bodies in the ground….

Henry was always so good to us I just could not reach to him as much since we lost our boys…She continued… About 3 years ago Henry got sick and he needed surgery… we had no Real insurance so I went to the bank and they said I could get money from my Home … and I did … it was for Henry … he needed the surgery … so I did it… I took out a loan on our home that we had paid off….

When Henry passed this last spring the money quit coming in and so many people kept calling and calling asking for payments that I could not handle it anymore so i had the phone turned off which means I only talk to my family by mail Oh how I miss their voices….

I sat there and watched as this lady who had raised 2 sons that had served their country but died domesticaly and had been married to a Husband that served in Vietnam and the Cuban Missle Crisis I watched her state that she was now going to lose the one thing that tied her to the 3 of them because she had done something to try to save her husband……so she could have more time with home…

I began to cry I cried so hard she asked if I needed a Doctor I could not for the life of me stop crying….I was their for the deed but left their with a NEW DEED in mind One to do….

I did one thing that I swore I would never do I made ths Personal… I walked into the bank (a local one here in Tenn.) where her mortgage was and I asked to see the President not the Yazzzouu that called himself the VP of whatever… But “the” President… I explained the entire situation to him and asked him if I could buy the loan…. he said he would have to ask the committee…. so i thought great now I have to wait a week or 3 to get an answer… but while sitting there he called everyone on the committee and put them on speaker phone in a conference call and I again told the whole story In much more detail than here on this Board….I shared how I have made my living for years helping people save their credit while I got good properties the banks would take back and dispose of anyway… but I started crying as I once again told them that this time I wanted to save ‘This’ house for ‘This’ Lady…

I offered again to buy the Loan and they asked what sort of disount did I want… I said “none” as my intention was to reset the loan to 0% interest at 250 a month until paid in full so I asked the balance which was only 51,000 on a 180,000 Valued house…

As I sat there they asked me to leave the room so they could discuss and when the President motioned me back into the room They said they would not accpet my original offer but that they would assist “a Bit” All 11 members of the Committee Contibuted 3,000 each personally toward the balance of her loan and the bank president offered 10,000.. they paid 43,000 of the 51,000 dollars so only 8,000 dollars left… I then asked them if I could do a substitution of collateral to one of my free and clear Homes that I rent out …. the said YES….

I drove back to the house and gave this wonderful lady a release of lien and took her to the courthouse to file it.. The house is now hers..

To tell you the truth now without disclosing too much…. this nice lady’s Oldest son was engaged to the most wonderful sweetest angel that has ever walked this earth..My wife while they were in college

My wife had been engaged to him at the time he was Killed … This lady who was losing her house had lost a son Her original loss of this son sent my wife down a road that lead her to me and changed my heart forever….

I hope That all who read this Balance their lives to know Money has its place but doing things right is worth all of Solomon’s treasure..

My wife is still crying in the other room This is the best Valentines day gift I have ever given her.. She never ever thought the two worlds would meet especially in such a profound way… There is no other gift I ever want to recieve then the loving smile of my wife..

Success to all! Money just make you more of what you are