A hot new car battery should excite investors – MarketWatch

This story definitely belongs in the “something I’d like to see” file.  Has anyone mentioned how fast electric cars can be?  Those electric motors have enough torque to twist the barrel on an A1 Abrams tank.


The Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan – Open Source Funding « blog maverick

I heard about this story and immediately thought, “I wonder how I could get involved in something like this.” Now is brainstorming time.

Developer strikes it rich with iPhone game – CNN.com

This is another golden age of technology development and those developers with enough talent and ambition will benefit the most.  G-d willing, their successes will lead to development of more beneficial technology for everyone.

Is the rich-hued Kodachrome era fading to black? – Yahoo News

I have been privileged to have shot a few rolls of Kodachrome in my life and I can say that there is an organic warmth to the transparencies that is nearly impossible to duplicate with digital capture systems.  You can see some of the legacy by looking at Kodachrome products available from Amazon.

Among the top results available, at the time of this writing, we find over 2,000 books available on the subject and Paul Simon isn’t the only musician to record a musical tribute to the venerable film format.  Anyone from the pre-internet era will be instantly familiar with the signature combination of warmth and detail that was captured in the pages of National Geographic with Kodachrome as the film of choice for their award winning staff photographers.

If you have any stacks of old Kodachrome slides, gathering dust somewhere, you might want to make sure they are protected because they are about to become, quite literally, irreplaceable.