Deliver pizzas, wife tells laid-off hubby –
So, the story is the dad has to take a job delivering pizza to make ends meet.
So what? This family has a FIVE bedroom three bath house and they’re paying $440/month.
It is hard to have sympathy for this family since they own a house. I think that if I had a house with such a low mortgage I would not have to worry about taking a lower paying job. Even delivering pizza, they can afford to keep the house.
We should all be so cursed!
How does this even compare with a dad in South America, Africa, the Middle East or China who has to support his family on $10.00/day or less?
I wanted to share this story because it clearly illustrates how selfish Americans have become. This story is presented as representative of the economic troubles for American families. If this is the best example we can find of financial hardship we have no business complaining.
Here is a picture from the story:

I’m sorry, they don’t look like they are starving. In fact, all but one of them could stand to go on a diet.


So, the New York Times had a very good explanation about how the big investment firms screwed up and helped put the global markets into their current state.  It looks like the whole thing boils down to computer operator error. Yep, investment companies had account executives who were misusing their risk management software that was designed to warn them when a particular investment was about to go under.

How Wall Street Lied to Its Computers – Bits Blog –

All I can say after reading it is, finally a rational analysis that explains the cause of our current financial crisis and puts the responsibility right where it belongs, on the shoulders of the people who work the markets and their failure to properly operate their own risk management software.

I hope I have the wisdom to avoid similar mistakes in my own endeavors.  G-d willing, we will all learn some valuable lessons from this financial disaster that will help us improve our world.