This is a bit on the “too little too late,” side of the coin, but Square Enix venerable MMO originally launched on the PS2 finally made some changes to make the notoriously difficult  game a lot easier.  Thank you Square Enix.

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For years, one of the biggest complaints was the fact that getting almost anything accomplished in this game was not only a huge time sink, but also required a very specific group of players with certain jobs all at or near the same level.

If you’ve played an MMO you can imagine how difficult these factors would make any kind of normal game progress.  In a game like World of Warcraft, a person can create a new character and level it up to the highest possible level in a month or two of casual gaming.  In Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), there are players who’ve been playing for years and still haven’t progressed any given job to the level cap. 

I guess it’s time to dust of the old Red Mage and give this game another look.

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Developer strikes it rich with iPhone game –

This is another golden age of technology development and those developers with enough talent and ambition will benefit the most.  G-d willing, their successes will lead to development of more beneficial technology for everyone.