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Does DNA Have Telepathic Properties?-A Galaxy Insight
No one knows how individual DNA strands could possibly be communicating in this way, yet somehow they do.

It is exactly these kinds of findings that reinforce how little we know about life and the universe.  This one discovery is already spawning a whole swarm of new questions that will occupy future generations in a search for answers. The most obvious include, how do the DNA strands recognize each other across these distances; why do they pair up with similar strands more often; is there a purpose to seemingly mismatched strands to pair up?  Those are only a few questions off the top of my head but the implications of this finding are astounding.


As cool as this technology looks, it is very scary too.  I don’t like the idea of government agencies, or anyone for that matter, with the ability to read my mind without my consent.

Scientists extract images directly from brain ::: Pink Tentacle

Rare dragon-like reptile found breeding in New Zealand for the first time in 200 years
| Mail Online

What a cool find!

Once again, baruch H-shem, I am reminded that G-d continues to work his miracles in the world. Blessed is the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who gave his children the ability and desire to learn and discover and commands us to be productive, amen.

ABC News: Autism Breakthrough: Girl’s Writings Provide ‘Remarkable Insight’ on Disorder

Carly Fleischman has severe autism and is unable to speak a word. But thanks to years of expensive and intensive therapy, this 13-year-old has made a remarkable breakthrough.

Two years ago, working with pictures and symbols on a computer keyboard, she started typing and spelling out words. The computer became her voice.

Yesterday a person with Autism was something to be pitied, sometimes capable of amazing feats that caused both fear and awe in most people who witnessed them. Most of the time, Autism was a life sentence to a doorless, flesh and bone prison cell with an FM radio receiver and a flash light to communicate with the outside world. To think that we’ve shunned fellow human beings for generations because of our ignorance.

Today we have a chance to actually speak with these people and we now know that they do hear and understand everything that we say and do. Autism is no longer a sentence of life long imprisonment.

Anyway, just another story that reminds me why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing with our lives.