I was very disappointed to hear that Apple decided NOT to include a Firewire port on their new “all-in-one” Aluminum Mac Book.  Now users will have to spring for the Pro model if they committed the sin of investing in any Firewire peripherals over the years.  Considering that Firewire is an Apple developed technology this move is more than puzzling.  TUAW has the details:

FireWire feedback from readers and Apple – The Unofficial Apple Weblog TUAW


Developer strikes it rich with iPhone game – CNN.com

This is another golden age of technology development and those developers with enough talent and ambition will benefit the most.  G-d willing, their successes will lead to development of more beneficial technology for everyone.

So, if you haven’t heard  yet. Last week some company, called Psystar, announced that they are selling a PC made from off the shelf parts that comes with Apple’s Mac OS X installed and running. Obviously, the whole tech world has been holding it’s breath waiting to see if this is for real. Many investigated and found some fishy changes of Psystar’s address in a 48 hour period. 

Anyway, it looks like Psystar has actually delivered the first of it’s product and Engadget has the first un-boxing and test results of one of these controversial machines here:

Psystar Open Computer unboxing and hands-on – Engadget

Anyone familiar with Apple’s history of vigorously protecting their intellectual properties is anticipating a swift response from Apple’s legal heavy weights, but so far, none has materialized. Others are speculating that Apple will simply issue an update to their OS that would disable its ability to run on these new, unauthorized Apple clones.

Either way, the tech world just got a bit more interesting.