Tonight and tomorrow the world celebrates the day that G-d gave all mankind a divine soul and the counting of the 5769th new year since Adam and Eve were born.

Rosh Hashanah in a Nutshell – Rosh Hashanah 

L’shana tova (happy new year) to all children of Adam and Eve. (8^D


Okay, so there’s this stupid 2002 bible video that some blogger decided to write about.

Christian TV: “Bibleman” vs. a New York Jew

The antagonist in this video is basically a Jerry Springer clone and is supposed to be a “New  York Jew.” Jerry Springer is a VERY BAD example of a Jew and to use his character as a Jewish stereotype is about as accurate as using Angelina Jolie as a girl gamer stereotype.


Torah observant Jews have a great love and respect for ALL mankind and we are happy when people of all nations draw themselves closer to the one true G-d by observing the Ten Mitvot (Commandments) and reading Torah (basically the Old Testament).


Our only objection is when other religions commit idolatry by praying to or in the name of a person (i.e. Jesus, Mary, Mohammed, Moses, flying spaghetti monster, etc.) Or when they allow false prophets to lead them away from G-d’s path by following their evil teachings.


G-d didn’t “choose” the Jewish people to “rule” over the rest of the world. He gave His word to ALL of the nations and ALL of you can have the same blessings from H-shem as ANY Jew just by following the Seven Noahide Laws.


We, on the other hand, are committed to SIX HUNDRED THIRTEEN laws that we have to follow. So basically, yeah we were chosen…


Chosen to be G-d’s bitches, baruch H-shem.


Anyway, to see Jewish people portrayed like this is not really offensive, its just ignorant.