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Now this is what I call stimulus!  There is nothing our government can do to “fix” the economy.  Their irresponsible legislation is going to spend our great nation into oblivion.

The only rational answer is to keep taxes low to incentivize more growth and innovation in domestic businesses across all sectors. Meanwhile we must allow the mechanisms that have kept our economy humming along for over two centuries get to work at clearing out the rubbish that’s accumulated from decades of irresponsible manipulations of our biggest and most important markets, namely housing. This whole recession can be blamed on decades of liberal policies designed to line the pockets of big-wig, dirty politicians and top-tier, corporate, fat-cats – who long ago abandoned fair and free market competition for the more secure income stream of corporate welfare and leaching from the tax payer teat.

To add insult to injury the liberals packaged these toxic programs up in a way that was tailor made to convince the public that they were only trying to help the underprivileged realize the dream of home owner ship.

Our government could spend every penny they can print and they would never be able to produce a single job. Every single job in the market is produced by the person who pays for the service or product that the job is involved in delivering to market.  Since the only money the government has is the tax payer’s money and since the government must always take a small fee from that to pay their own salaries, and the salaries of their political allies, and the corporate fat-cats who “supported” them during the campaign, and the PR people, handlers, publicity agents, advertisers, and bloggers who “helped” spread the word; and the accountants and attorneys who make sure they don’t have to pay their taxes, and the migrant helpers that they employ to do everything else; less than half of  every tax payer dollar ever gets close to being spent on something even resembling the original program for which it was intended!

Yet somehow, this President thinks the American people are stupid enough to believe that cannibalizing our future and give all the money to the same idiots who originally caused this mess is a good idea.

In the mean time, struggling small business entrepreneurs and the self employed are taking the hits of having to actually pay the increased taxes, that is, if they manage to eke out any semblance of financial success in today’s market.

This is the kind of company that sees the current market downturn as an opportunity instead of a problem. They are going to trim costs, build value and invest in their core business as they prepare for the inevitable future growth. Our economy will turn around more quickly if Washington abandons this ridiculous bill and instead uses their constitutional powers to hold responsible the people and companies that are in a position to fail. Put these entities into the process that was designed to deal with failed businesses, banks and purchasers of real estate, allow the failed investment mechanisms to be divested from the market and get back to work being a great country.


Intel Hopes to Bring Free Energy to Mobile Devices PC World by PC World: Yahoo Tech

Maybe this technology will actually make it to market.