Star Trek Cast Visits Soldiers in Kuwait, Media Couldnt Care Less |

I saw the trailer for this movie and it looks awesome. Definitely something different for the series and I’m glad to see some of the cast members doing good charity work.


According to this article, Amazon’s allowing free film, TV viewing – Yahoo! News we will soon be able to view over 6,000 titles for free on Amazon’s “Internet Movie DataBase” at

A quick look at the imdb homepage shows no mention of this big move, which would pose a definite threat to the entertainment industry.  There is also no mention of the story on Amazon’s front page, so it is interesting to see this being reported by  Reuters.

The article even claims that some of the new fall shows will air on the IMDB website before they premiere on traditional broadcast networks.

There is no mention of wether these programs will be for subscribers only or supported by advertisers, but I think, with this announcement, it is safe to say the IPTV revolution is in full force.